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  • September 18, 2018



Anmol K.C is a Nepalese actor, a producer who is well known as a son of Nepalese superstar Bhuwan K.C.  He started his career as a producer and he acted in Hostel movie as a lead actor. Hostel was a blockbuster movie at that time. He made his acting debut at 2013 in Hostel which was commercially and critically successful. He has made appearances in several movies namely, Jerry,Dreams, Gajalu and Kri .Anmol’s next movie is Captain where he is going to play a role of a British Army. He is pairing up with another young cute actress Upasana Singh Thakuri.




Anmol K.C was born and grow up in Kathmandu. He was born in a high-class family. But his parents divorced when he was young. Anmol k.c  completed A level program at the Malpi international College His father Bhuwan KC has always admitted that his son always favored sports and music though  he started movie’s career from the movie Superstar as a producer in 2008 and as an actor, he played the movie Hostel in 2013. This movie featured Prakriti Shrestha as lead actress and other male actors Gaurav Pahari, Wilson Bikram Rai.

Highest Paid:


Anmol K.C is the highest paid actor in Nepalese film industry. Anmol k.c  had charged 20 lakh for the  movie Kri. According to some social media source recently some producers offered him 50 Lakhs for just one movie. But he claims that he is not doing a movie for money. If he were doing a movie for money then he would not be doing one movie in 2 years of time. Anyway, He is the highest paid actor as of now in Nepali movie industry and even called as Superstar among other Nepali Actors .

Awards and achievements:


  • Kamana Film Best Debut Actor(2013)
  • FAAN Star of the year(2016)
  • LG Award Popular actor of the year(2016)
  • NFDC Maha jury award(2016)
  • NFDC Best Actor (2018)